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17 March 2021 | Dog

Is my dog a good candidate for a dog daycare?

Do you dream about being able to put your dog in a doggy daycare, but worry that he or she might not get along well with other dogs? Is your dog energetic and friendly, or is she older? Perhaps he needs special attention? In short, is dog daycare right for your dog? Yes! Dog daycare can benefit your pet’s well-being, but since every animal is unique, it’s important to choose the daycare type that will best suit your dog.

Why daycare?

Just like you, your dog needs entertainment, as well as development at a cognitive, social and physical level. It’s a quality of life issue. A dog daycare will offer him or her a safe, stimulating environment while you attend to your daily tasks or when you’re at work. But not just any daycare will do. And make no mistake: Even if you work remotely from home, you may not necessarily have more time to spend with your companion. In fact, your continual presence might have consequences on your dog’s behaviour, such as separation anxiety if you need to leave temporarily, or even socialization problems.

How does your dog behave with others?

Think back to your last visit to the dog park and you’ll probably be able to arrive at an answer. For practical purposes, we can separate canine personalities into four main categories: sociable, tolerant, selective and aggressive.

The sociable dog – around 10% of dogs
He loves everyone, and every dog he meets, even the ones you personally wouldn’t trust! Most puppies fall into this category. In fact, the most difficult thing for dogs with this type of personality is preventing them from being “overfriendly” and stressing out other dogs, which could lead to unpleasant interactions and bad experiences for your pet.

The tolerant dog – around 40% of dogs
He’s the best candidate for traditional dog daycares! He normally gets along well with other dogs and would rather avoid any conflict, yet when confronted, he reacts reasonably to the inappropriate behaviour of other dogs. Many adult dogs who live in positive environments with regard to socialization fall into this category. They generally communicate well, both with humans and other dogs.

The selective dog – around 40% of dogs
Dogs of this type can count their friends on one paw, as they say! Selective dogs have a few canine friends, but sometimes have difficulties when introduced into an environment with dogs they do not know. This dog loves peace and quiet and doesn’t appreciate having his routine disturbed, which could cause him to react negatively. He may integrate well into a dog daycare, but it’s likely he would be happier in a small group.

The aggressive dog – around 10% of dogs
Bad dog? Aggressive behaviour is often the result of fear or insecurity. Aggressive dogs don’t like the company of other dogs and will definitely let you know it, whether by barking, growling or nipping any unfortunate souls who dare to get a little too close. This means you must not force them into the company of other canines. These dogs would rather relax in their own corner, alone. That’s their temperament and we should accept it. Traditional dog daycares are therefore not suited to this type.

All in all, around forty to fifty percent of dogs are good candidates for dog daycare. But what about the others? Don’t worry, we have just the answer!

Finding the right formula for your pet’s well-being

At MUZO, we’ve developed two styles of dog daycare in Montreal in order to be able to welcome canines with different personalities and different needs.

Traditional formula with group plays: Here, the group takes precedence. This program is intended for young dogs or young adult dogs who need socialization and are high-energy and athletic. Our first two personality categories immediately come to mind as suitable for this formula: sociable dogs and tolerant dogs.

Enriched formula with personalized workshops and activities: Here, the individual takes precedence. This program is intended for dogs who prefer personalized attention and interact better in small groups. This formula will suit any dog, but is more relevant for older, less sociable dogs. The last two personality types will do well here: selective dogs and (somewhat) aggressive dogs.

However, no matter which formula you choose, rest assured that at MUZO, your dog will find the right level of stimulation, exercise and socialization for his or her temperament.

Would you like to find out whether your dog is the right candidate for one of our dog daycare formulas? Make an appointment for a complete evaluation and learn a bit more about your dog’s personality* by calling 514.931-1117

*A fee of $75 applies for the evaluation, the dog daycare is included. Your dog must conform to our admission requirements.

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