What measures is MUZO taking to ensure the safety of my pet during his stay in the facility?

In addition to its clean and comfortable amenities, MUZO has put in place unrivalled safety measures for it’s four-legged guests, including:

  • indoor security cameras in all spaces, and outdoor security cameras in the play area and around the building;
  • a fire and intrusion alarm system linked to police and firefighting services;
  • sanitization and disinfection protocols;
  • Four (4) separate area-specific heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems;
  • a cleaning system integrated with air ducts in all spaces;
  • top-of-the-line products with proven effectiveness which are safe for the environment and for our animal guests;
  • solid and durable cages and suites;
  • eight (8)-foot-high fence around the outdoor park;
  • double leash with harness, sized for the walker, for increased protection in case a pet attempts to escape;
  • limit on the number of dogs allowed in the elevator at any one time, with mandatory accompaniment by a pet attendant;
  • système de nettoyage intégré avec évacuateurs dans tous les locaux;
  • produits hauts de gamme à l’efficacité prouvée, sans danger pour l’environnement et les pensionnaires;
  • cages et suites à structure solide et résistante;
  • clôture de huit (8) pieds dans le parc extérieur;
  • double laisse avec harnais à la taille du marcheur pour une protection accrue en cas de tentative de fuite;
  • nombre limité de chiens pouvant prendre l’ascenseur en tout temps, et ce, toujours en présence d’un animalier.

Can MUZO come and pick up my pet from my home?

Yes. If you don’t have time to make the trip, you can rely on our Pet Transport, safe and comfortable door-to-door transportation service. (It also reduces stress for you just as much as for your pet!). Few days in advance are required to reserve this service.

What happens if my pet gets sick while staying at the hotel?

MUZO is dedicated to the well-being of your pet. In the case of an emergency, you (or the person identified as the emergency contact) will automatically be notified in order to determine the steps to be taken.

Please note that, in any case considered extremely urgent, MUZO will take the pet directly to a 24-hour veterinary centre, even if you have been unreachable and have not explicitly given your consent. Emergency consultation fees and transportation costs will be charged to you. If specific treatments or further tests involving significant cost are necessary, MUZO will do its best to contact you once again in order to obtain your authorization; otherwise, MUZO will make the decision in your place and in your name, and all costs will be charged to you. A word of advice: please stay within reach!

Please consult the ‘Procedure in case of Emergency ‘ in our Service Agreement.

What is MUZO’s policy with respect to vaccinations?

MUZO does not accept pets that are not vaccinated. Customers/Owners who book a space do so knowing that vaccinations, although effective in most cases, do not completely protect pets from contagious diseases. We cannot be accountable for the immune systems of our guests.



  • Puppies must have completed the full series of basic vaccinations in order to stay at MUZO (usually completed at around four and a half months of age).
  • The following vaccinations are required and must be up to date: rabies, DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza and Parvovirus) and Bordetella.
  • The vaccination for Bordetella (kennel cough) must have been administered within the 6 months previous to the dog’s visit at MUZO (even if the vaccination may result in a longer average immunity period).



  • Kittens must have completed the full series of basic vaccinations in order to stay at MUZO (usually completed at around four and a half months of age).

The following vaccinations are required and must be up to date: rabies, calicivirus, panleukopenia and rhinotracheitis.

What happens if my pet is injured or injures another pet?

MUZO acts with diligence and professionalism with regard to the services provided to the pets within its care, but it cannot prevent all accidents or injuries that might happen during the normal course of a stay or during group play sessions.
By entrusting you pet to MUZO, you acknowledge the assumption of all risk of illness or injury that could be caused to your pet and you also take responsibility for any damage caused to the property or its contents, as well as for any injury caused by your pet.

Please consult our ‘Assumption of Risk ‘in our Service Agreement.

Do you require a deposit at the hotel?

During peak periods only (see list below).

The deposit is non-refundable if the booking is cancelled, regardless of the reason, and it cannot be transferred to another pet owner or applied to a later stay.

Peak Periods:

  • Winter holidays: from December 15 to January 15
  • Spring break: from February 15 to March 15
  • Summer holidays: from June 15 to September 15
  • Call our customer service at 514-931-1117 for full details of our booking, cancellation or change policies for peak periods.

When do I need to pay for my pet’s stay?

The cost of the stay must be paid for in full on the day of arrival.

Does MUZO accept all breeds of dogs and cats for boarding?

Yes. However, MUZO reserves the right to refuse to board any pet whose behaviour is considered unacceptable. Pets who have had a contagious disease, who do not meet MUZO’s vaccination requirements OR who have been in contact with a contagious disease in the 30 days preceding their stay will not be admitted to MUZO. Management reserves the right to refuse any pet access to its services, regardless of reason (fragile health, known aggressiveness or other reason).

When can I bring my pet to the hotel?

You can drop off and pick up your pet from Monday to Saturday between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. and on Sundays between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Can I get a refund if my pet leaves early?

Yes, on condition that the pet is picked up before noon. No refund for a night that has already been paid for will be granted if the pet is picked up after noon, even if the customer advises us of his or her intention to pick up the pet early. Please note that this policy applies only during the regular season and not during peak periods.

Do you check for the presence of parasites?

We cannot be held responsible for detecting the presence of parasites. MUZO recommends that you have your pet examined regularly in order to detect internal parasites (e.g. worms) and external parasites (e.g. fleas) and that you follow a preventative program with the advice of your veterinarian.

If external parasites are detected on your pet, a treatment (special bath) will be administered immediately, at your cost. In the case of internal parasites, the pet will be kept away from other animals and any treatment required will also be at your cost, including sample analysis, veterinary consultation or prescription of medication as needed.

My dog eats raw food. Are you able to feed him this food during his stay at the hotel?

Yes. At MUZO, we have two freezers for keeping the customer’s food cold. Please note that there is always greater risk with raw food than with dry food, but we take great care with our freezing methods and with our handling and cleaning of the bowls and other utensils necessary for the distribution of the food. However, MUZO wishes to mention that it is in no way responsible if the dog becomes sick following ingestion of this type of food, since it has no control over the product’s quality, provenance or method of conservation before its arrival at MUZO.

My dog is very attached to his belongings. May I bring them?

Yes, we accept your pet’s belongings, but we are not responsible for their loss or destruction. Please note that some dogs protect their belongings (protection of resources); if that is the case with your dog, we will ask that you not bring them, for everyone’s safety. We supply bowls, beds and cushions.

If I forget my pet’s food or haven’t supplied enough for his stay, what happens?

We will contact you to let you know and to find out your instructions. You can arrange for someone to get food to us, but we can also provide a portion of MUZO food at a cost of $5 per meal. In addition, we sell a selection of high-quality dry and canned food, as well as chew sticks and various treats in our boutique.

My pet needs to take medication. Do you administer medication?

Yes, at an additional cost that is based on the number of drugs, supplements, vitamins, ointments to administer.